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Parent Association

Sunrise Waldorf School Parent Association (SWSPA)

SWS parents are automatically members of the parent association! This dynamic community-building association helps to organize and orient the parent community. Meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month from 7pm-9pm. Contact the SWSPA via email.

The Parent Association serves as the vehicle for full parental involvement in the life of the school community. The Parent Association actively supports the work of the Board and Faculty, and contributes to the intellectual, physical and social climate of the school community. The Parent Association is a non-profit organization and is incorporated under its own bylaws and constitution as legislated by the Society Act. 

Membership is open to all interested parents/guardians of children currently enrolled at Sunrise Waldorf School. This includes parents that may be employed by Sunrise Waldorf School or acting as Board members. 

The Parent Association consists of: 
• Chairperson - In charge of running the meetings, organizing an agenda, keeping track of the SWPA email address, and being a lead voice for the PA when needed. 
• Secretary - Largest responsibility is note taking at the meetings as well as passing these on to the class representatives to forward onto their classes. 
• Treasurer - Accessing and retaining authority over the SWPA bank accounts, presenting financial reports at meetings, filing receipts, reporting to Authority organizations in regards to our charity status. 
• Fairs Organizer - Work with the class representatives, as well as other members of the school to organize and run the various festivals the PA is part of during the school year. 
• Members - Attend meetings and give feedback in order to make Sunrise Waldorf School a great place for all those here. 

The PA currently runs a two year program in regards to the positions available on its core. This means that there will be one 'acting' person in one of the positions and a second person in waiting to take on the role once a term is up. There is always an attempt to have someone in the wing ready to take on a position should a member fall ill or otherwise be unable to perform their responsibilities.

What Did We the Parent Association Do this 2014-15 School Year?

  • Winter Fair Coordination, Fridays’ Sunrise Café at drop off,  Clothing Swap, support for Pumpkin Path and Mayfest.
  • Financial support for ECE playground resurfacing ($3000), upcoming school kitchen renovation ($9000-$12,000).
  • Provided support (help set up, take down, snacks) to Pedagogical Committee’s presentation of the video “Time to Play”
  • Worked in an active and ongoing way, on behalf of the parent body, through ensuring a parent representative attends relevant meetings where invitation stands (e.g. board meetings and policy meetings).
  • Face to face communications between parents, faculty and administration.
  • Informed the parent body of details of upcoming events through designated class representative.

Volunteering - A Parent's Commitment

Volunteers are the heart of most non-profit organizations and Sunrise Waldorf School is no exception. Our dedicated parents volunteer numerous times during the year; driving students on field trips, working at the numerous festivals we host, making crafts and costumes to assist their class teachers, as librarians, as buddy families, as a class parent or a SWSPA rep, or on the Board of Directors.
By volunteering, parents get to know the students, their families and each other. These relationships give our school a close knit feel, and create a strong sense of community. There are opportunities for everyone and we appreciate all the time and energy that our SWS parents give to the school.