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Simple Ideas for a Meaningful Advent at Home

Advent is approaching! If you are looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Advent in your home without too many sugary treats or gifts, this blog will give you some Waldorf-based ideas.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, but would like to bring an Advent tradition into your home, this blog is also for you. Many of these ideas could easily be adapted to celebrating the winter solstice, or used in December with no reference to Christmas.

10 Books for Truth and Reconciliation Day

In recognition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation we are sharing 10 books for children by indigenous authors. Storytelling can be a meaningful way to educate, inspire, and share experiences, including that of Orange Shirt Day.

8 Easy Steps to Making a Waldorf Nature Table at Home

A central part of Waldorf education is cultivating a child’s connection to nature. The nature table, found in every Waldorf classroom, is one lovely way to do this. Nature tables are usually found in a corner of the classroom, decorated with beautiful silks. They hold treasures from nature, and often include hand-made figurines of people or animals. While there are many wonderful reasons to have a nature table at home, how is it actually done? We have prepared 8 steps to show you how!

Picture Day

Lifetouch will be coming On Thursday September 23rd: