Faculty and Administration


Kevin McDuff - Head of School 

A long time Waldorf parent, Kevin's family began their journey  in 1988 when he first enrolled his daughter in Kindergarten at Highland Hall Waldorf School in California By the time his son was to enroll in Preschool (ten years later), Waldorf education was a priority for his family.

In 2010, Kevin applied for the Business Administrator's position at our school. Kevin could see the need for direction and leadership at SWS and has served our school as a trusted servant ever since. His varied background in journalism, legal services, and computer technologies has made him an invaluable asset to our administrative team. The combination of learning about Anthroposophy and Waldorf education, as well as the experience of having two children in Waldorf Schools for so many years, gives Kevin the experience and perspective to support our parents, staff, and faculty in the best possible way. 


Rachel CameronEducation Director  


Rachel has been involved in Waldorf Education for 20 years and has over 10 years of experience teaching in Waldorf classrooms. She took a class from grades one through eight at Sunrise. Rachel has a degree in English Literature, and she completed her Waldorf teacher training along with a Masters of Education Degree at Antioch University in New England. She is now the Education Director at Sunrise Waldorf School.



Head shot of office manager

Linda Young - Office Manager/Registrar


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Kathleen Milner - Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

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Lisa Dodd - Sun Child Preschool Lead


Lisa grew up in the rainforests of the mainland.  In 2001 she moved to the gulf islands to build a hobby farm and raise her family.  In 2012 she arrived at Sunrise as a parent and now remains as the preschool teacher.  Lisa completed her Waldorf Early Childhood training at the West Coast Institute for Anthroposophy as well as holds a diploma in Early Childhood, Special Needs and Infant and Toddler Education.  She has been working with children from ages 0 to 18 and their families for over 20 years in a variety of settings.  In her free time Lisa enjoys nature walks, singing in a choir, growing flowers, writing, and playing games with family and friends.



Marti Smith - Sun Child Preschool Assistant  
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Dorota Ignaszewska - Bright Angel Kindergarten


Born in Poland Dorota grew to love all forms of artistic expression and creativity. After finishing her studies of philosophy in Lublin she spent two years in Cambridge, England. In Canada she worked as a kindergarten teacher in Yellowknife. After a year of studies at the Waldorf Institute in Spring Valley, Dorota came to Vancouver Island where she worked as a biodynamic farmer, toymaker of Fairywood Toys, Celtic harp performer and substitute teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School. While raising her daughter in the Cowichan Valley, Dorota took the Waldorf teacher training with the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy. She was the first kindergarten teacher at Alta Lake School in Whistler, completed her degree in Education at the University of Victoria and then taught at the Whistler Waldorf School.

Photo of Kindergarten teacher

Andrea Maskel - Kindergarten Assistant

Andrea has worked with children for 20 years. She attended Northern College in Ontario to obtain the Child and Youth Worker Diploma which enabled her to work with kids with social, emotional, behavioural challenges. Since moving to BC, Andrea has ran her own Waldorf inspired daycare for years, to be at home with her children. She then found Sunrise Waldorf and immediately moved with her 2 boys to the Cowichan Valley.  Andrea’s sons have been attending for almost 6 years at the school.  She and her family enjoy the outdoors, camping, the weather, the long growing season, the arts, and the wonderful community here. Andrea is so looking forward to another magical year.

Photo of kindergarten teacher

Mima Djordjevic - Shining Star Kindergarten


Miss Mima was born in Yugoslavia to parents who were both elementary school teachers. She graduated from the Belgrade University of Economics, and was employed at the City planning Institute. She soon realized her heart was in working with children, so she entered a part time teacher training program. In 1989, she moved to Vancouver and worked as a nanny, in a children’s group home, and as a family services support worker. Ten years later she moved to the Cowichan Valley. In her search for the right education for her children she attended a parent education series and recognized a deep kinship with the strivings and philosophy of Waldorf education. Miss Mima enrolled her children at SWS and completed the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training with the West Coast Institute. Miss Mima worked in the preschool for three years, before moving to Shining Star Kindergarten in 2007. She feels fortunate to have found her life calling where every day her encounters with children, parents and colleagues bring new joys and opportunities for growth.


image of a star Danel Cove - Class 1
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Amber Halls - Class 2


Largely home-schooled, Amber first experienced the gift of Waldorf education when her mother volunteered for a year at the Camphill Community in Barrie Ontario. That year she attended the Huronia Waldorf School and lived into the immersive world of rich experiences that slowly ignited her love of learning. She was so inspired that, at age 11, she committed to becoming a Waldorf teacher herself. She completed her secondary education in the Cowichan Valley and went on to study Bowen Therapy and Anthroposophy. She then attended courses at Emerson College in England and completed her foundation studies and Waldorf teacher training at the Steiner Centre in Toronto, Ontario. 

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Anna McAndrew - Class 3


Ms. McAndrew grew up amongst different cultures in England, France and India. At sixteen she attended the United World College of India and later went on to study Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art. She completed a bachelors and master's degree in Education at Goldsmiths University of London, which is where she discovered Waldorf Education. She is currently completing her Waldorf Teacher training at the West Coast Institute. Prior to working at Sunrise she taught music to visually impaired and special needs students in London. In her spare time she likes to ride her bicycle and write songs. She has also released a music album which she occasionally performs.

Michaela Lohsen - Class 4


Ms. Lohsen has a university degree in education and teaching from the University of Osnabreuck, Germany, and was a public school teacher in Germany before moving to Canada. She started her Waldorf teacher training with the West Coast Institute in 2017, and she has experience with Waldorf methods and curriculum after five years of homeschooling her own children, as well as several years teaching at Sunrise as a substitute teacher.

When moving to the island 12 years ago, Michaela enrolled in the Parent and Child Program at Sunrise and was inspired by Anthroposophy. Over the past twelve years her interest in education has shifted from the conventional education method to a more in depth study of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf approach to teaching. 


Hans Peter Mothes - Class 5


Mr. Mothes completed his Waldorf Teacher Training in Germany, with additional training as a foreign language teacher in French and German. In addition, he holds a Bachelor's Degree and a Diploma from the College for Anthroposophic Pedagogy. He has taught at Waldorf Schools in the United States, taking a class to grade eight, as well as a specialty teacher. He has opted to remain offline.




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Naeem Datoo - Class 6


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Jacqueline Chouinard - Class 7


Jacqueline began her education at the Vancouver Waldorf School. She attended Pre-school through Grade 5 there, and transitioned to public school in Grade 7. She is excited to be returning to the curriculum now. Jacqueline has a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and Canadian Studies from the University of British Columbia, and has just returned from completing a teacher education course in the United Kingdom. She is currently training with the West Coast Institute, studying for her Waldorf Certification.

Lisa Hitch - Class 8


Ms. Hitch is pleased to be venturing into her tenth year at Sunrise Waldorf School and is delighted to be working with such a warm and supportive community. 

Ms. Hitch holds a Bachelors of Education in Elementary Education with specializations in French, ESL and drama and a BFA in Theatre Performance. She has also graduated from the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy with her full Waldorf Teacher Certification. As well as teaching elementary school, she has taught high school in Europe, drama to all ages, French and ESL. Originally from Victoria, Ms. Hitch began her Waldorf journey when her own children began their schooling at Washington Waldorf School, and she has been on a continual learning path in this direction ever since. Ms. Hitch has two teenage sons, a partner and two dogs, and enjoys playing music with her family, and spending lots of time outdoors.


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Rose Powell -  French


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Photo of grade school French teacher

Pepper Couelle-Sterling


Mme. Pepper, as fondly known to her students, graduated with degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto and a Diploma of Studio Arts from Sheridan College. She has taught in the Independent school system for 18 years and is passionate about engaging her students through the joy of learning. Mme. Pepper is a former Waldorf parent and a current published author of middle school novels. Mentoring youth has always been a passion. She developed and directed Art Safari Camp, and has coached athletic teams in Canada, Belize and Tanzania. In her spare time, Mme. Pepper enjoys playing competitive tennis, art and keeping up with her grandchildren."

Aurelia Bellavita - Handwork


Mrs. Bellavita began knitting when she was six and grew up surrounded by beautiful things handmade by her mother and grandmother.

After graduating from the Vancouver Waldorf School, Mrs. Bellavita enrolled in the Capilano College Fine Arts Program, where she completed her diploma in Visual Arts in 1999. She discovered needle felting in 2001 and has studied weaving and spinning with local artists and natural plant dyeing with masters from all over the world.

Teaching came as a natural evolution. She began teaching in the Handwork program at Sunrise Waldorf School in 2010. She graduated from the Applied Arts Teacher Training at the Fiber Craft Studio in New York; a four year program dedicated specifically to teaching Handwork in Waldorf Schools. 


Georgia Newsome - Physical Education


Georgia graduated from Kings Langley Waldorf School, in the UK. She completed her training in Spatial Dynamics and Bothmer gymnastics in Germany in 1986. Georgia has taught at Waldorf schools in England, Germany, Canada and the USA, presented at teachers conferences and mentored new teachers. While teaching at the Ringwood Waldorf School in England Georgia also worked as the movement educator and physical therapist at their Camphill Community; setting up and teaching sports and activity programs for children and adults with learning disabilities. Georgia is also an instructor in sea kayaking and river/whitewater kayaking, and fencing.


Alexis More - Strings


Born in Victoria to two music teacher parents, Mrs More never knew if she was born with her love of music, or her immersion in it just grew on her. At a young age she asked to play the violin and has been on her journey with music and string instruments ever since. From her first day tutoring younger students in the school strings program she was hooked. There is nothing more enlivening and important to her than to see a child learn and thrive in music. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Uvic and has taught strings classes, orchestras and private lessons for over 19 years. Mrs More is also a professional Viola player with the La Cafamore string quartet as well as various orchestras. Her previous time as the strings teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School was the highlight of her class teaching and after living in Nelson BC for 7 years decided to return to SWS. The energy and life at SWS is always an inspiration to her and she is thrilled to be a part of this community.   


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Ian Campbell - Woodwork 


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Wendalyn von Meyenfeldt - Eurythmy




Wendalyn has taught Eurythmy in several BC Waldorf Schools for many years.

Trained in England, Germany and the USA, she also teaches in Waldorf Training Programs and practices Therapeutic Eurythmy. Wendalyn lived for many years in Vancouver and moved to Salt Spring Island three years ago. This will be her third year, teaching at Sunrise Waldorf School. Favourite things to do include: travel, language-learning, and hanging out with her four-year old grand-daughter!

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Joy Trapnell - Director of Finance


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Chantey Dayal - Director of Admissions


Chantey grew up in Calgary surrounded by her East Indian and Armenian family and culture. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at York University, she wandered the world with a back pack and landed in Vancouver where her two daughters were born. Chantey continues her work as a visual artist, and as a volunteer with NGO's in Ethiopia along side her love for Sunrise Waldorf School and Waldorf Education.